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OMNIA Fotolabortechnik GmbH was founded 1981 by Jean R. Le Meunier in Stuttgart. Integrating his experience in processor design and fabrication insured the company's success and continues until today. The passionate attention to detail and performance of the early years, paired with the technical application, is still decisive for the break-through of OMNIA. Quality, reliability and user friendliness became hallmarks of our company and influenced our designs since the beginning. Employing fabrication standards with only high-quality materials, OMNIA machines became the measuring stick for all photographic paper processors and ensured successful and consistent RA 4 development to hundreds of OMNIA customers around the world. In 1984, a new generation was created to serve the demands of the evolving photographic processing industry. Following this line, the PRO LINE came on the market in 1990. This version integrated many of the performance features and innovations of the original models, but was a more dynamic version to serve the professional and changing industry of photographic imagers. Adapting to growth and ongoing demand, OMNIA moved into a new international headquarters and factory in Kernen-Rommelshausen near Stuttgart in 1996.
In 1998, the first
JUNIOR LINE models were completed and shipped around the world. This version of processor provided a smaller more compact package for independent imagers who still needed the benefits of productivity that the Omnia line had become so well respected for. The new millenium has continued to call for and rely on this company and its processing solutions for trouble-free, consistent and state-of-the-art production processors. We are proud of our heritage and strive with every machine to continue in our goal achievement.
office and factory building of OMNIA in Kernen