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Since 1981, OMNIA has been producing paper processors of the highest quality for professional
labs and imaging providers wherever quality photofinishing has been required.
Our machines "Made in Germany-for the entire world", are designed with current and proven technology, designed to need minimal after-sales-service and boast an extremely
long and trouble-free lifespan.
Today, OMNIA continues to evolve with new developments to insure that its clients and partners succeed and grow with us.
OMNIA guarantees you processing that is free from media abraisons, folded edges, tracking
disasters and drying challenges in a roller transport, RA4 processor that is a favorite for
every user and owner.
Our customers span the world with a unique level of satisfaction and continued repeat orders
for OMNIA processors.

When can we bring you into our family of happy customers?
For more details, simply email us or contact us from this website and we will be happy to
provide you with solutions that you seek.